The grass IS greener on the other side of freedom … and we want to show our rescued dogs exactly what that means. 

There are three patches of dirt surrounding Lily’s Haven and The Timothy Center that can easily be transformed into beautiful, serene settings for the discarded dogs that are getting accustomed to the joys of life outside of their wire cages. 
Our goal for each one of the 13,000+ dogs that we’ve saved from lives of misery is to make it up to them in any way we can. Introducing them to beauty is another step in that journey.

We need your help to make the dream of Freedom Gardens a reality for our dogs.

A generous supporter will match donations up to $15,000 for this project. The plan is to create a haven which will include trees, plants, benches, paved walkways, a bird bath, flowers and possibly a fire hydrant or two for pups to “enjoy” as they learn all about freedom. Click HERE to watch a video unveiling the design!
Puppy mill survivors that have known nothing but the confines of their cages will finally get to bask in the Colorado sunshine and fresh air while waiting for their forever homes. You can help us make this lovely vision come true by contributing to our Freedom Gardens Fund. Click HERE to donate.


Please consider a monthly or one-time gift today.

As always, your continued support helps us give our dogs the lives they so richly deserve on their journey from the cage to the couch!


Watch the video as Theresa and Kim explain more about Freedom Gardens.

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