Our puppy mill survivors are getting a second chance

at the happy lives they so richly deserve.

The cost associated with rescuing this special population of dogs is significant. The veterinary expenses alone are staggering; so far this year, close to $100,000 has been spent for the medical care of our dogs.
Your contributions to our Healing Hearts Fund are a tremendous help to these precious pups. Your additional gift today will help us reach our goal of $30,000, which will be a HUGE help with the specialized care of dogs who have had little to no veterinary treatment.
Here are five of the dogs who have new beginnings because of your generous gifts:

Amelia & Emmy

Their teeth were in such awful shape that the decay weakened their jaw bones and they fractured. Both are recovering nicely after surgery. For more on Amelia and Emmy, click HERE.


Gypsy & Dahlia

Imagine not being able to see the beauty of a spring day. Gypsy and Dahlia lived in darkness for years, but thanks to cataract removal surgery, they can see again! Watch the delicate procedure HERE.



Who can forget precious Harmony, the 11-year-old Sheltie who came to us in such awful condition? Harmony had complex dental surgery and is living happily ever after in her forever home. Click HERE to watch the video of her journey to freedom.
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