National Mill Dog Rescue in the News

06-01-16 One Green PlanetWatching These Rescued Puppy Mill Dogs Get Pampered For the First Time Will Make Your Day

05-31-16 KRDODozens of rescued pups looking for forever home

03-31-16 BarkPostFive Incredible Female Advocates for Dogs

03-23-16 Today.comHarley, a tiny hero dog rescued from a puppy mill as a senior, dies at age 15.

03-23-16 One Green PlanetTouching photo captures the moment rescued puppy mill dog learns that humans could be kind.

03-22-16 KRDOMill rescue dog leaves lasting legacy

03-08-16 Gazette – Colorado dog wins national contest to aid medical care via National Mill Dog Rescue

02-28-16 KRDODog Rescued From Puppy Mill Honors Devoted Volunteer

02-04-16 One Green PlanetHeartbreaking Story of the Dog Who Started a Movement

12-1615 – One Green PlantWe Can All Be Superheroes for Animals

11-01-15 DogTime.com10 Dog Rescue Groups That Made a Difference in 2015

09-21-15 KRDOFormer Mill
Dog From Colorado Named 2015 American Hero Dog

09-09-15 – GazetteApp Supports Local Mill Dog Rescue

08-29-15 – KRDO5K Run Raises Money to Rescue Mill Dogs

07-05-15 KRDOLocal Charities Get Help From Two Traveling Bicycle Groups

06-02-15 KRDODog Rescue Group Reaches New Milestone

06-02-15 FOX21 NewsNational Mill Dog Rescue Saves Their 10,000th Pup

06-01-15 – KRDONMDR Rescues 10,000th Dog

05-29-15 KRDOPeyton Rescue Organization Saves 10,000th Dog

5-29-15 KRDOEnroute to 10K Rescues

02-22-15 KRDODog Rescue Group Approaches Milestone

12-12-14 HLN TVThis ‘Dancing’ Rescue Dog Will Make You Smile
09-17-14 One Green Planet 5 Amazing Rescue Animals Changing the World for Other Animals in Need
07-03-14 One Green Planet Harley the Puppy Mill Survivor Makes the Cover of Modern Dog Magazine!
06-3-14  One Green Planet10 Amazing Women Behind Animal Shelters, Rescues, and Sanctuaries
03-13-14  Huffington PostLeo the Puppy Mill Rescue Boxer Always Has His Mouth Full
02-17-14  KRDO – National Mill Dog Rescue needs forever homes for new dogs

12-30-13  Petfinder –  Top 10 Puppy Mill Dogs Who Found Hope in 2013
12-02-13  San Diego PetsColorado Puppy Mill Rescue Founder Receives ASPCA® Henry Bergh Award
12-01-13  Fox21 PSADon’t Buy a Puppy Online or a Pet Store
11-27-13  Huffington PostGive Your Pets Your Thanks
11-27-13  Fox21National Mill Dog Rescue Receives Prestigious Award
11-26-13  The Gazette – National Mill Dog Rescue picks up 86 Midwest puppy mill dogs
11-26-13  ExaminerChristmas Music Helps National Mill Dog Rescue
11-26-13  KDVR Fox 31National Mill Dog Rescue
11-19-13  Talkin’ PetsColorado Based National Mill Dog Rescue Saves 86 Dogs From Puppy Mills Across The Midwest
11-18-13  Dog ChannelDog Rescue Founder Wins Hero of Year Award
11-13-13  Veterinary Practice NewsNational Mill Founder Wins Hero of Year Award
11-12-13  12NewsNow Merck Animal Health HomeAgain® Announces Hero of the Year Award Winner
11-07-13  Newsday  – ASPCA Announces 2013 Humane Award Winners
10-13-13  KRDOBlack Forest Fire Victim Gets Special Gift From Texas Woman
10-09-13  5 Hour EnergyTheresa Strader-National Mill Dog Rescue
10-08-13  AZ CentralPuppy mill rescue in Phoenix 2013
10-06-13  Examiner MSPCA Angell Animal Hall of Fame dinner
09-08-13  Pet Radio ShowHarley the Mill Dog and National Mill Dog Rescue team up to save puppy mill dogs
09-01-13  Orvis Harley & Teddy Rescue 81 Dogs from Puppy Mills
08-30-13  KRDOPuppy Mill dog rescues his puppies
08-30-13  Colorado NewsdayPuppy Mill dog rescues son and daughter
08-21-13  King5Two puppy mill survivors to hit the road to help other dogs
07-11-13  Tails IncHarley and Teddy to the Rescue
07-01-13  KOAAMill Dogs
06-18-13  Chicago NowRescuing the Rescuers
06-17-13  Fox21Continuing to give back, after losing her home
06-12-13  KRDODog Rescue Director Loses Home
06-11-13  Best Bully SticksBBS Rescue Spotlight: National Mill Dog Rescue
05-22-13  Huffington PostTwo Chihuahuas, Puppy Mill Survivors, Become ‘Spokesdogs’ For National Mill Dog Rescue
05-20-13  DogsterPuppy-Mill Survivors Teddy and Harley Are on a Rescue Mission
04-24-13  The Denver Dog (pg 34) The Denver Dog Summer 2013 Issue  (Harley) Page 34
08-24013  The Denver Dog  The Denver Dog Fall 2013 Issue (Teddy & NMDR)
04-14-13  Today.comSaved from a puppy mill, dog feels grass for first time
04-13-13  Huffington PostDog Liberated From Puppy Mill Walks On Grass For The First Time
04-01-13  The Humane Society of the United States Animal Sheltering Magazine – One Clear Moment
02-23-13  Pets LadyNational Mill Dog Rescue Providing The Gift Of Hope And Love
01-28-13  KOAA New Dogs Arrive at National Mill Dog Rescue

12-20-12  9 “Rescued puppy-mill dogs arrive in Denver”
12-20-12  CBS 4 Denver – “Dozens of puppies, dogs saved from puppy mill”
11-21-12  KDVR Colorado Animal Rescue Saves Discarded Dogs with this link
11-16-12  Gazette – “Rescuer garners soptlight giving mill dogs a voice”
11-15-12  People Magazine – “Theresa Strader Rescues Thousands of Puppy-Mill Dogs”
09-06-12  KRDO Channel 13 News – “Rescuers save two dozen dogs from puppy mills”
08-07-12  Our Community Magazine – Mile Hi Radio – Interview with Theresa Strader
07-01-12  Life After 50  “Rescue organization gives mill dogs the lives they deserve”
06-27-12  KOAA Channel 5 News “Waldo Canyon Fire”
02-15-12  Better Business Bureau  “Tips for Choosing Your Pet Wisely”

08-18-11 Colorado  “AROUND TOWN: Rescue dogs are stars”
01-06-11  7 News  – The Denver Channel   “More Puppy Mill Rescue Dogs Arrive In Denver”
12-26-08 Fox21 News  “80 puppy mill dogs rescued”
06-05-08  Colorado Springs Independent “Mill treatment Theresa Strader’s local dog rescue network is growing”
01-04-08   “A lot of love for abused dogs”
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