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Gremmy’s Story

Gremmy was one of the worst cases of abuse that National Mill Dog Rescue has seen and the second worst case the animal hospital had ever seen. When Gremmy first arrived at our facility in May 2014, the volunteers were under strict orders not to touch him. Only authorized personnel and members of the rehabilitation… Read more »

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2014 Annual Report – National Mill Dog Rescue

Dear friends, At the end of December, we were closing in on 10,000 dogs rescued since our beginning in 2007. Hard to believe! It has been a backbreaking, often distressing journey, yet the most deeply rewarding experience of a lifetime. None of our successes have come easy; but we are on our feet, going strong,… Read more »

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2013 Annual Report – National Mill Dog Rescue

Dear friends, This, our very first, annual report has been a long time coming. Getting any of us to slow down long enough to put it together has been a challenge. I hope you find it informative and trust it will increase your understanding of our mission, our priorities and our progress. The journey that… Read more »

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