A Promise to All of Those Still Waiting…

We’ll get there.




I Will

take your unwanted animals


I Will 

nurse their wounds, 

look past their imperfections,

and heal their broken bones.


I Will 

give them the medical attention 

they so desperately need

and have long deserved.


I Will

satisfy their hunger and thirst

and give them a warm

place to sleep.


I Will

spay and neuter them, 

and vaccinate them against diseases.


I Will

treat them with love

and hold them close no matter their condition.


I Will

offer them toys,

provide them with soft blankets,

and balls,

and teach them the joy 

of playing in the grass.


I Will

speak softly to them.


I Will

try to teach them not to fear,

not to cry,

and to trust the touch of my hand.


I Will

whisper kind, gentle words

into their ears

while gently trying to

stroke away their fears,

their pain

and mend their broken spirits.


I Will

recognize their emotional scars

and give them time

to overcome them.


I Will

socialize them,

condition them,

believe in them,

and show them trust.


I Will

take their paw in my hand and

stroke their ears


I Will

acknowledge when they have endured too much

And with grace & dignity

I Will

hold them close as they journey ahead

over the Rainbow Bridge


This I Promise

because I am


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