On board the “Freedom Ride” home

The last part of every rescue mission is the hardest. Our team is focused on getting the dogs home and started on their journey to new lives. Even though the last miles are the toughest, that doesn’t mean our crew doesn’t enjoy it. The ladies were really rocking out during the trip home and singing what is unofficially our theme song!

First moments of FREEDOM

Our supporters enjoy seeing the newly-rescued dogs as they arrive at Lily’s Haven and are “offloaded”. We live stream nearly every offloading on our Facebook page so fans can watch as our new arrivals experience their first moments of freedom.

German Shepherds rescued

One of our more unusual rescues occurred right here in Colorado. We received a call that there were German Shepherds living in small crates with barely enough room to stand up. Their owner was living in an abandoned school bus in rural Northern Colorado. We rescued a dozen German Shepherds and most of them have been adopted.

2017: The year in review

Last year was VERY busy! We typically go on one rescue mission each month but we had a few surprises. The dozen German Shepherds in need and being called in to help with a hoarding situation were back-to-back rescue trips. We also reached a milestone in 2017, with our 12,000th dog rescued. 


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